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President Trump to Meet One-on-One with Foxconn President Gou

According to a report by Nikkei Asian Review, President of the United States is set to meet with Foxconn President Terry Gou in a one-on-one dialogue about the creation of jobs in the country.

Gou is the President of Hon Hai Precision Industries, or Foxconn as it is more widely known as, which is based in Taiwan with headquarters in New Taipei City. It is the world’s largest electronics manufacturing company that works on a contractual basis, and the third-largest information technology company of the world in terms of total revenue, boasting Apple, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft as some of its biggest clients.

One of President Trump’s biggest campaigning points was the creation of jobs in the country, building and buying American. He’s been in contact and coordination with a number of heads of IT companies mostly, and has a team of technology companies’ bosses for advisement on how to bring back the jobs to the United States, that includes top bosses including CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk.

Previously, Trump called for building technologies and manufacturing them in the US, and he called for Apple to “do something major” to build iPhone in the United States. Apple CEO Tim Cook later confirmed in January that far from ruling out the possibility of moving production to the country, the Cupertino company “had eyes and ears” for the proposal. In the same month, Gou also stated that the two companies were looking at a $7 billion proposal to produce display panels in the US, something the Foxconn President later expressed reservations over mainly due to lack of incentives from the government and unskilled labor in the country.

It is possible that those government incentives could be part of the conversation when the two meet, the when of which is still unknown. As for the where, we’d place our bets on the White House.

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