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PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 4.55 Released, Fixes Wi-Fi Issues

A new PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.55 was released earlier today by Sony, promising even more stability for its massive consumer-base.

The patch notes are relatively short, noting just that “this system software update improves the quality of the system performance.”

Weighing in at 324 MB, the new PlayStation 4 firmware update also reportedly fixes some Wi-Fi issues that users have been frequently highlighting as of late. While not mentioned in the patch notes, several have posted confirmations that they are no longer facing problems while connecting to their Wi-Fi connections. In addition, the process of buffering YouTube videos has improved and there are relatively less lag spikes following the update.

The focus on stability, while important, makes the update a bit lackluster when considering that last month’s firmware update 4.50 introduced “Boost Mode” for the PlayStation 4 Pro console. The new feature allows players to gain additional performance in every game in the form of additional frame-rates or a stable frame-rate in some cases.

Alongside, the update brought support for external hard drives, voice chat, remote play, and custom wallpapers. Sony also released improvements for PlayStation VR, ensuring that returning to the PlayStation 4 home screen from a PS VR game will no longer give a lower resolution. Finally, update 4.50 also added support for Blu-ray 3D discs in PlayStation VR. You now have the ability to watch them in stereoscopic 3D via your headset.

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