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NVIDIA Introduces GeForce TITAN Xp; the Upgrade to 2016’s TITAN X

In what can be called as the most discrete product launch ever, NVIDIA today has introduced another TITAN graphics card. If the name TITAN X sounds familiar then do not worry, NVIDIA has cleverly placed a small “p” at the end to denote that its part of the Pascal family and not the same GPU from last year.

Funny enough, the name leaves the PC hardware community in a confusing state that comes from the fact that the 2015 Maxwell-based TITAN was also called TITAN X, so to put a clear differentiator, last year’s TITAN was largely referred as TITAN XP within the community. Clearly NVIDIA needs a new naming scheme.

Basically, this is the same GPU we saw last year but the new TITAN Xp has a fully enabled GP102 chip with 3840 CUDA Cores and the new faster GDDR5X memory running at 11.4GHz, thus giving it a memory bandwidth of 547.7GBps. For comparison, last year’s TITAN X featured 3584 CUDA Cores, 10GHz GDDR5X memory and 480GBps bandwidth.

The new update places buyers of last year’s TITAN X in a frustrating position, now with the updated version sporting better specs and performance for the same price, and this just after GTX 1080 Ti took the crown from TITAN X as the new performance king.

The new TITAN Xp is now available for purchase through NVIDIA’s own website. Since this was a stealth launch, we’re going to have to wait until reviewers get their hands on it and post benchmarks. And that’s about it, the new TITAN Xp is the fastest GPU on the planet. Unless NVIDIA wakes up tomorrow and feels there is still a place for another TITAN based on GP100 with HBM2, but this one will be denoted with a capital “P”. We don’t want confusion among products now do we.

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