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NVIDIA Announces Revolutionary New GeForce GTX G-Assist

What if we told you there was a way for you to be in two places at once? What if you could attend to your significant other without having to explain her why online games can’t be paused? Unfortunately, we can’t. At least not today. But what we can tell you that it’s almost April 1 and you should not believe the internet! One such example lies in the latest announcement by NVIDIA. The “alleged” new GeForce device called GTX G-Assist aims to pilot your games when you’re away from keyboard.

GTX G-Assist would help you accomplish non-trivial tasks such as answering the door or having a food break in the middle of your gameplay session. Imagine beating the toughest boss in the Souls series with the proposed “Boss Boost” that lets G-Assist map enemy fight pattern so you don’t need to “git gud”.

In a futuristic world, that is a thing of the past. But in the present day world, it’s very much a concept and an April Fools joke.If such a device was to exist, a device no bigger than a USB stick that plugs right in to your PC and create a ghost of yourself through the use of complex algorithms, it would sure be awesome.

Sorry folks, no preorder links today.

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