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Nintendo Tipped to Launch “Mini Switch” in 2019

A report published on Bloomberg citing analysts Minami Munakata, Kota Ezawa and Alicia Yap from Citigroup Inc. has today claimed that Nintendo will launch a “mini” variant of its hybrid console, Nintendo Switch, in the “fiscal year through March, 2019”.

Nintendo Switch was launched on March 3 this year and it was received with acclaim from both fans and critics alike. Apart from being the first console to provide a hybrid option between portable and home gaming, much of the thrust for Switch has been provided by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The ability to continue your handheld gaming on your living room TV has been a major pull for users, and it has proved to be a massive hit with fans since its launch.

Analysts at Citigroup Inc., however, have their way of looking at the situation as they believe that Switch, with its current detachable Joy-Cons, is just too big for the kids to be able to use easily. Their report remarks that Nintendo, while doing an admirable job of combining handheld and console gaming, albeit losing out on more power as compared to other consoles, could be missing out on providing a truly portable option for the little guys.

Therefore, they believe that in order to reach that segment of the market in a more refined manner, a “Mini Switch” variant of the device could be launched in fiscal year 2019, some time during the March period when the Switch was launched earlier this year. That mini version of Switch would be a lightweight, ultra-portable device, that could serve as the true heir to Nintendo 3DS in respect of the ease-of-use; think of it as Nintendo’s PS Vita of 2019.

Citigroup Inc. analysts also predicted that at the time of the Mini Switch launch, the standard variant would have sold around 25 million units, and the Mini Switch could sell more than 6.5 million units within a year of launch.

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