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Nintendo to Launch SNES Mini this Christmas: Eurogamer

According to an exclusive by Eurogamer, Nintendo is gearing up to launch a second mini version of one if its hit console systems, SNES. A source from Nintendo has informed Eurogamer that this Christmas, a mini version of Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic, or SNES, will be launched to succeed the NES Mini.

Nintendo launched the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic: Mini in November last year at Christmas time, and it managed to ship more than 1.5 million units worldwide of the palm-sized version of the 1983 classic. The sales numbers were revealed at the last financial results briefing by Nintendo, and it was speculated at the time that Nintendo might have stumbled upon a potential gold-mine in the form of “mini” versions of its popular consoles.

Doors weren’t closed on Nintendo bringing back any of its other retro systems back in mini versions, and it looks like the trend is going to continue with SNES next. According to the sources quoted in the report, Nintendo is likely to continue with its current branding and call it Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Moreover, as it’s tipped for launch at Christmas this year, development for the miniature SNES is already underway and not in its infancy by any means.

For a novelty and collectible status item, the NES Mini did incredibly well, and Nintendo itself confirmed as much that it never was intended to be a permanent product. Now, it seems like the SNES Mini is next in line to bring back some of the nostalgia again for the holiday season. It can also make sure that if NES Mini managed to exceed all expectations despite the slow production and choked supply, SNES Mini could improve upon those aspects and have an even easier – and lucrative – ride.

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