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New Teaser From Bandai Namco Asks Us To “Prepare to Dine”

Bandai Namco, publisher of the lordly Dark Souls franchise, has just released a teaser trailer for an upcoming new project.

The animation vaguely introduces a female character with blood-red eyes; who can apparently transform into a creature of sorts, and wields some form of gun-blade to cut down demonic beings.

The teaser trailer concludes with the tag line: “Prepare to Dine,” which is interesting and familiar because the Dark Souls series often used the “Prepare to Die” slogan. However, without any concrete details, there is no way of confirming whether there is any connection between the two.

On that note, it would be unprecedented if it came out to be true. Hidetaka Miyazaki himself has previously gone on record to state that the Souls franchise is done for now. From Software has moved on to other projects, following the release of Dark Souls III last year. Since there is no mention of the developer in the trailer, it is safe to assume that Bandai Namco is simply messing with its fans.

“Enjoy this original animation inspired by a new title in development by Bandai Namco Entertainment,” reads a statement from the publisher, before confirming that the mysterious new project will be officially announced on April 20.

Taking into account that we are quickly approaching E3 2017, Bandai Namco is likely to take the stage then to announce more features for its upcoming project. Either that or if we are very lucky, we will see the game release before the annual expo.

Dark Souls III received its final DLC, The Ringed City, last month, which according to reviewers ended a bit too quickly. Nonetheless, Dark Souls III remains as the best installment in the series. Those who have yet to experience the latest offering from Miyazaki should get a copy as soon as possible.

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