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Microsoft and Qualcomm Collaborate For ARM-Powered Win 10 Laptops, Coming Q4, 2017

Previously, last year Microsoft and Qualcomm announced that Windows 10 will get support to run on ARM chipset, Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC in particular. However no launch date was mentioned, only that it could come out in 2017. Now, Qualcomm in a recent statement has revealed that the collaborated ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops will be coming out later this year.

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Microsoft and Qualcomm

The recent statement was confirmed in a recent Investor Call meeting, where Qualcomm said the first cellular laptop with Windows 10 OS and Snapdragon 835 SoC hardware will debut in market by end of this year.

It is a challenge to run Windows 10 operating system on ARM devices, since Win 10 currently only runs on x86 chipset architecture of Intel and AMD.  ARM devices will be the first ones to debut a full functional Windows 10 running as a mobile PC, without x86 architecture. As Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm said:

Snapdragon 835 processor is expanding into mobile PC designs that run Windows 10 and is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter

What basically Microsoft and Qualcomm are trying to pull from the collaboration is a vast eco-system of Windows 10 ARM powered devices.  They want a web of inter-connected devices with a common operating system and hardware. As Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft said:

We’re thinking about platform that supports small screens, large screens, devices with no screens at all, head-mounted displays, and so what can these device makers build will really be up to them

The initial Snapdragon 835 based laptops could be very limited to specific applications. But, one thing is for sure that they will be too much slim and cheap than a casual laptop with Windows 10 running without a  x86 architecture. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see a Win 10 based laptop slim as a size of mobile and handy, yet convenient to use as a PC.

What do you make of this collaboration between Microsoft and Qualcomm? Will the upcoming ARM-powered Windows 10 devices be any better than Microsoft’s Windows RT? Let us know in comment section below.


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