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Mass Effect: Andromeda May Get the X5 Ghost Rifle

It has been a rather tough couple of weeks for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but fans finally have something positive to look forward to.

As players might have noticed, a certain two-pronged rifle comes up in certain cut-scenes but it is actually not available for use in the game. It is dubbed as the X5 Ghost Rifle and was also widely used by BioWare for the game’s original promotional and marketing campaigns. In addition, the same weapon can also be seen in several trailers of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Now, players have begun asking the developer of why the weapon is not available in the game.


Taking into account interest shown by the community, BioWare has stated that it might add the weapon to the game with a future update.

BioWare is expected to announce its plans for Mass Effect: Andromeda later today, addressing various issues as well as upcoming content. More importantly, the developer is expected to talk about the abysmal facial expressions of the game which makes every character look stoned.

According to rumors, BioWare ended up outsourcing the facial animations to a third-party studio. The upper echelon believed that the animations were fine and needed no additional polish. Hence, instead of spending time over it, the studio forwarded the work to another.

Earlier today, it was brought to notice that Mass Effect: Andromeda has already been cracked. The game boasts the anti-tamper technology of Denuvo but was still cracked in less than two weeks of its official release.

For some time now, popular hacking and cracking groups have been making claims that they are slowly understanding the workings of Denuvo. Previously, games were being eventually cracked but after a significant period of time. Mass Effect: Andromeda pretty much makes it apparent that Denuvo has lost its meaning.

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