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iPhone 8 Tipped to Feature iPad-like TrueTone Display

A Barclays investor note, obtained by MacRumors, has today hinted that the next flagship iPhone launched this year could feature the TrueTone display technology introduced with iPad Pro in 2015.

It is stated in the note that not two, but three iPhone models will be launched together, presumably in September, and all three models will come with the same TrueTone display. So even if iPhone 7 and 7S, as mentioned in the note, do not come with an OLED display, they will still be equipped with TrueTone display tech that works on “full spectral sensing” allowing the display to adjust its colors and brightness based on lighting outside to display a more accurate and “true” color picture.

In theory, TrueTone seems quite similar to “Night Shift” mode on iPhone and iPad, but it works through ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the screen lighting and intensity. iPhone 7 was initially rumored to feature TrueTone display, but that rumor turned out to be off-the-mark when the flagship iPhone was made official last September.

Combined with the TrueTone technology, it could be speculated that the display featured on iPhone 8 will undergo its biggest overhaul and 2017 could see an iPhone with the best display yet. It is already rumored, and considered all but official, that at least one of the three reported iPhone models to be launched this year will come with an edge-to-edge OLED display for the first time. Moreover, the front-facing camera, light sensors, and even the Home button and finger-print scanner are rumored to be embedded into the display,

Couple a bezel-less OLED display with TrueTone and you’re looking at a huge leap forward in terms of mobile display technology. Apart from the screen, some of the other rumors circulating about iPhone 8 include 3GB RAM, latest A11 processor, and truly-wireless charging, which would be another first for iPhones.

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