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Instagram Stories Surpasses Snapchat in Daily Active Users

Facebook-owned Instagram has today announced that it has now reached 200 million daily active users on its “Stories” feature, surpassing its chief rival and biggest inspiration, Snapchat.

Instagram introduced Stories back in August of last year, and from the moment it dropped on iOS and Android, it was apparent that there was nothing that wasn’t already a part of what Snapchat offers to its users. It seemed like Instagram had not only derived inspiration from Snapchat, but it had blatantly copied everything Snapchat had to offer. By doing so, it posed a significant – and first –  real challenge that Snapchat had to face since its launch.

Since its launch and in less than a year, Instagram Stories has done what it was intended to do: it has surpassed Snapchat in active users per day. At the time of the filing of Snap Inc.’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) earlier this year, it was announced that more than 160 million people used Snapchat every day. After the latest blog post by Instagram, that number has been smashed by Instagram Stories, and it puts into perspective the effect that it has had on Snapchat ever since it was launched.

Before Instagram Stories, Snapchat was riding high in 2016 with impressive growth. However, immediately after Stories was launched, Snapchat tanked; its growth dropped by 82 percent! Analysts and predictors saw that as a challenge that Snapchat would have to face from thereon, and after today’s revelation, it seems the mountain that Snap Inc. is having to climb is getting steeper and steeper every day.

A number of new features are also making their way to Instagram Stories today, including Selfie Sticker that allows the user to take a photo, tap on the smiley icon, and then take a mini-selfie that is cut-paste enabled to use elsewhere. Geostickers, Pinning, and a hands-free video mode have all been incorporated on Instagram Stories today.

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