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Instagram Adds Offline Mode on Android

As announced today at Facebook’s  annual F8 Conference, Instagram is rolling out support for an offline mode for users, that will allow them to carry out a number of functions that will all go through once connection is restored.

Recently, Instagram revealed that more than 600 million people use the service at least once a month, called the Monthly Active Users or MAUs, and more than three-fourth of those users are located outside the United States. Internet connectivity issues still exist widely out the US, and even though Facebook is determined to provide wireless internet access using one of its many solutions to remote areas, those plans are still some way off from fruition.

In the meantime, Instagram is rolling out support for offline functions that will allow the user to make comments, save media, unfollow other users,  and like things on Instagram without needing an active internet connection. All these functions will then be saved, and they will go through when the device connects to the internet. Moreover, profiles visited earlier and stories that were loaded during connectivity will also be visible on the Explore tab.

Also, Instagram recently revealed that it’s Stories feature had crossed 200 million daily active users, finally surging past the app it was designed to challenge and upend: Snapchat. With the added offline functionality, Instagram is providing a service that Snapchat has so far not only blatantly ignored, but it probably doesn’t deem worthy of its attention, especially after Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegal’s alleged comments that Snapchat is not for poor countries like Spain and India.

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