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HTC to Offer Viveport Subscription, $100 Discount on Vive Anniversary

This week, on occasion of the first anniversary of HTC’s virtual reality headset “Vive” an exclusive $100 discount awaits customers. You can get your hands on the premium VR headset, the first of its kind on PC, for $699 during the week, and you can also download for free HTC’s Arcade Saga for HTC Vive.

But there’s more: HTC is also launching its own subscription-based VR store called Viveport Subscription. For $6.99 per month, users will be able to download up to five titles per month from HTC’s own VR content store. Viveport Subscription is HTC’s answer to the default store that users head to for VR content, that is Valve’s SteamVR store. More than 50 titles are part of the library already, including Fantastic Contraption, EverestVR, etc.

Considering the fact that VR titles range from $10 to $50 depending on the category and the type of content that it offers, a per-month subscription of $7 sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Of course, much will depend upon the library that the store boasts, but once you subscribe and with the passage of time, more titles and perks will surely be included to sweeten the deal for paying users.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold and Sony’s PlayStation Plus are the two subscription-based offers that spring to mind, but with the Viveport store still in its infancy, there could hardly be a comparison with any other service. There is, however, bucket-loads of potential for HTC in this, and how they want to play out this business model is up to them so it can bring the best out of Vive.

For those who would hesitate to pay-up, HTC is also offering a month-long trial period to take the library out for a spin on your Vive and then decide whether you think it is worth your dough.


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