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The Smallest Pascal GPU GT 1030 Pictured, Will Cost Only $80

Nvidia’s the smallest Pascal architecture based GPU codenamed GP108-300 has been pictured and it is GT 1030. The rumors all over the internet are finally forming a concrete shape. Nvidia has finally put the efforts in lower spec GPU, specifically a GT series graphics card. Nvidia refreshed its work and switched to the GTX series when AMD introduced RX 550.

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Earlier, the rumors surfaced about the smallest Pascal GPU, and now we know after the leak of the picture shown below that it is a GT series GPU, not a GTX.  Since GeForce GT series have not been updated since two years, this new Pascal GPU pointed towards incoming GT 1030, as sources said.

GT 1030

The Reason this GPU will cost $80 is that RX 550 costs $100, and we know that for every other AMD graphics card falling in different price window; from high to mid and low range, Nvidia launches its own counterpart GPU to compete AMD. This is why we believe the upcoming GT 1030 will cost less than $100 or $80 to be specific.

Nvidia wants to add its variant of lower spec GPU to compete AMD RX 550. Hardware specification wise, GT 1030 will be very similar to RX 550. The new Pascal GPU will not need additional power as it will draw power from the motherboard. Since Nvidia’s Graphics cards are better known for less power consumption and efficiency, GT 1030 will only need 35W. Comparatively, RX 550 draws 50W from the motherboard.

The GT 1030 will likely to get following rumored specifications:

  • 512 CUDA Cores
  • 16 ROPs
  • 2GB/4GB RAM capacity
  • 128-bit memory bus
  • 35W TDP

These are merely rumors, however we will see how far Nvidia is planning to push its upcoming Pascal based GPU against RX 550. The GT 1030 is currently expected in second week of May.


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