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Google Reportedly Set to Invest $875 Million in LG Display Division

Electronic Times has published a report today claiming that Google is set to invest up to $875 million in LG’s Display division. As part of the agreement, Google could be set to receive supply of “flexible” OLED panels for phones to be shipped during this year.

As pointed out by ET, and reported by Reuters, Google is not simply buying 1 trillion won worth of OLED displays, rather investing it in the Display division of the South Korean tech giants. Obviously, the investment is being made to ensure that the supply tap of OLED displays to Google this year is not choked at any given time, because as has been reported so far, and proven by Samsung with its launch of Galaxy S8, the flagship smartphone market in 2017 is going to be more display-driven than ever.

Samsung has thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the competitors with its launch of micro-bezel flagship Galaxy S8; Apple is reported to use OLED displays this year with little to no bezels itself, and with the rumored $875 million investment by Google, it seems the next flagship this year in line for a flexible OLED could be the Pixel 2.

Not much is known so far about the next iteration of the Mountain View search engine giant’s flagship handset launched last year to a vastly-positive reception, especially for its camera that exceeded all expectations and was dubbed as the best on a smartphone for 2016. This year could see Google also leaning towards the all-screen front design, as well as adding to the internals like more RAM or the latest Snapdragon SoC.

As far as this report is concerned, LG Display passed up the opportunity to comment, while Google shipped the typical “we don’t comment on rumors and speculation” line to The Verge. We’ll bring more on this story as soon as we get it.

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