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God of War Development Going as Planned, Assures Director

Fans hoping to see the new God of War release later this year have been finding it troubling that the developer has recently been on a hiring spree. To be fair, Sony Santa Monica Studio has been maintaining radio silence ever since the game was announced last year. Concerned that perhaps there are development issues or it is wishful thinking to expect a release later this year, many took to social media platforms to ask the developer directly.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, creative director Cory Barlog briefly stated that “things are good” and God of War is “looking better every day.” Replying to another fan who asked about development problems, the director confirmed that there is “nothing wrong, games are just very big, very complicated, require constant collaboration with lots of different experts.” He ended the response with assurance that everything is going according to plan.

There is high speculation that we will see a new God of War trailer during Sony’s press briefing at E3 2017 in the second week of June. Seeing Kratos return is exciting enough, but who is the little boy he keeps calling his son? That is one question which everyone wants an answer to. We can only hope that Sony Santa Monica Studio reveals the origins of the boy soon.

The new God of War is set after the events of the original trilogy. Kratos has somehow survived, and ventured into the domain of the Norse gods. The developer has already confirmed that we will be seeing most of the major gods in the mythology, such as Thor, Loki, and Odin. It is a new saga, with a new beginning for the ash-covered spartan.

The new God of War is in development exclusively for PlayStation 4, and has been so for the past four years.

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