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Get Ready to See “Bethesdaland” at E3 2017, Bethesda Softworks Confirms Attendance

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that it will be hosting its own press conference at E3 2017 for the third year in a row.

Earlier today, the developer and publisher took to social media to ask everyone to get ready to see the wonders of “Bethesdaland” in the coming months. In comparison to last year’s press conference, Bethesda Softworks has chose to not give away what it plans on revealing on-stage. However, it has stated that the announcements at E3 2017 will make for a “wild ride.”

Bethesda Softworks will begin its E3 2017 press conference on June 11 in Los Angeles. As always, those unable to attend in person will be able to stream the session live from the comfort of their homes. Do note that Microsoft will also be hosting its own E3 2017 press conference on the very same day.

As for what we might see from the Fallout 4 developer, Prey is scheduled to release before E3 2017. Hence, that is one major game out of the equation. We are probably in store for some brutal multiplayer action from Quake Champions, with a possible reveal for a new class. There is also Battlecry, though it has been some time since we have heard about its development.

Everyone will be keeping their fingers crossed to see the announcement of a new The Elder Scrolls VI installment. Previously, the developer stated that a game of such scale cannot be released any time soon. Hence, fans shouldn’t keep their hopes up. However, that doesn’t mean Bethesda Softworks cannot release a teaser or debut trailer for the game.

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