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Facebook Inc. (FB) Now Boasts 5 Million Advertisers with 25 Percent Increase

In an announcement made today, Facebook Inc. (FB) has revealed that the number of advertisers on its platform has now hit the milestone 5 million mark, up from the 4 million that it recorded back in September.

An increase of 1 million advertisers has been recorded by Facebook in the span of six months since the last time it was observed, which shows a healthy 25 percent increase achieved in only two quarters. A number of other statistics were also announced by Facebook: A total of 65 million businesses have pages setup on Facebook, and 8 million have their presence on the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform, Instagram.

It is important to note that the 65 million pages belonging to businesses on Facebook are mobile pages, not regular desktop versions. So if advertisers were not convinced of the swiftness with which businesses are customers are moving towards mobile, they will be now after the latest set of numbers.

As more and more business is moving towards mobile, Facebook is doing its bit to keep up with the shift and even affect it. It’s presence with Messenger is a vital cog in the machine in a number of sectors now, as bots have simplified customer service and client representation. The significant 25 percent increase in advertisers also shows that Facebook’s tools and services available to users have made it easier for them to use the platform to target their audiences.

It has also been reported that Facebook is looking into more tools to further improve the ad targeting, so the increase in advertisers could only have one way to go.

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