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Destiny 2 DLC Release Schedule Leaked, Fan Events Suggested

Despite Activision trying its utmost to control the information stream, details about Destiny 2 continue to arrive for the public through other channels.

The publisher may have stated that this is not the right time to announce what post-release content it will be selling to the masses. However, with pre-orders already open for the highly anticipated sequel, we now know what downloadable content packs have been planned out for Destiny 2.

According to a leaked schedule by a retailer, the game will feature two expansion packs. They are plainly titled as “Expansion I” and “Expansion II” but could be given a proper name when the release date draws closer.

Similar to the first Destiny, the second game will also follow a similar release schedule. Expansion I will release in Winter 2017 while Expansion II will release in Spring 2018. According to snippets of information available, both expansion packs will introduce new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer, and an arsenal of new weapons, armor, and gear.

The leak does not mention a precise release date but it is safe to assume that Bungie will be copying the release schedule of Year 1. For those who might not remember, Destiny released in September and was followed by the “Dark Below” expansion pack on December 9. “House of Wolves” was the second expansion pack for the title and arrived on May 19. Destiny 2 should also see a similar release pattern for both of its expansion packs.

Elsewhere, another leak arrived on the weekend to suggest that Bungie is planning a Destiny fan event similar to those conducted for Call of Duty installments. A regular happening will mean bonus XP gains and special items to earn during a limited time.

Destiny 2 was officially announced last week and will hit shelves on September 8 later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This will be the first time that the franchise hits Windows, with the first game being exclusive to consoles.

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