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You Can Download Microsoft’s Creator’s Update For Windows 10 On 5th April

The Microsoft Windows 10 Creator’s Update was already coming to every device on April 11th via the Update Assistant but Microsoft has decided to give you a manual download on April 5th. The Creator’s Update includes major updates for Microsoft Paint and a Game Mode for Windows 10 PCs.

The Microsoft Windows 10 Creator’s Update is going live on April 5th via a manual download. Anyone with a licensed Windows 10 machine can download it a week ahead of the official release. The update will first come to newer PCs and then on to older machines step by step just as it did on that faithful July 29, 2015, the first rollout of Windows 10. Windows Phone users will have to wait till the 25th for their piece of the pie.

If you are a member of the Windows Insider Program you can head over to this link and download the Windows 10 build 15063 (the release to manufacturing number of the Creator’s Update).

Microsoft is also giving you a lot more options to update your PC. Let’s just say they’ve heard the complaints and frustration customers have over the “no opting out of updates” feature. The options were detailed in a blog post:

“These include the ability to specify a time that is convenient for you, pause updates for a week, and expand the ‘active hours’ time window during which you don’t want to be disturbed by an update…If you’re running a Windows 10 PC at work, check with your IT administrator for details regarding your organization’s rollout plans.”

-John Cable, Microsoft Director of Program Management

The Update

The Creator’s Update will bring a lot of capabilities that Microsoft calls Windows Mixed Reality. Previously known as Windows Holographic, the software uses the Microsoft HoloLens to put the creator in greater control of the creative process, hence allowing them to more fully realise their vision. Let’s just say designing a building or a presentation won’t be half as taxing as it was before. It also ties in with the Microsoft Surface Studio, the beast of a machine released last year that put all other PCs to shame, including the iMac and the new MacBook Pro.

According to PCworld.com, the update includes features like putting off updates for a year (yay!), putting off security patches for 30 days, folders inside the start menu, and a dynamic lock that allows pairing with your phone or mobile device via Bluetooth and locks your computer when you’re away.



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