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Call of Duty 2017 Will Be Sledgehammer’s “Biggest Game-Making Project”

Following the release of Advanced Warfare a couple of years back, Sledgehammer Games is returning this year with a brand new Call of Duty installment.

However, a new game is not the only item on the developer’s agenda. In a recent blog post, Sledgehammer Games shared a few details about how it is expanding its studio to “get more light flowing between floors and create a more inviting and dynamic workplace” for its team.

“We do everything big,” exclaimed the developer while showing an image of a giant crane parked in front of its building. Adding to the sentiment, Sledgehammer Games also reiterated that this year’s Call of Duty installment is the “biggest game-making project” that it has overtaken in history. Much like its office space, development on the game is also “moving full-speed ahead.”

Unfortunately, the studio is still not ready to reveal any details. Currently being dubbed as simply Call of Duty 2017, the new installment in the franchise is rumored to be taking us back to the World War II era. In addition, a leaked poster from a promotional campaign recently surfaced online which suggests that the game will release on November 3.

Both Activision and Sledgehammer Games are maintaining radio silence for the time being. They are expected to make an official reveal at E3 2017 in the coming months. As we have come to see with previous Call of Duty reveals, details on the multiplayer portion are likely to then follow at Gamescom in August.

Last week, Activision revealed that it has several films based on the Call of Duty brand currently in the works. Alongside, multiple scripts have also been written to await their turn.

The publisher plans to bring an extended film universe to the big screen for its beloved first-person shooter video game series. The movies will be handled much like Marvel is currently doing with its universe of different characters, stringing each story together to form the bigger picture.

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