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Arms Will Launch for Nintendo Switch in June, Alongside New Peripherals

Arms, a fantasy-style fighting sports game that utilizes motion-controls, is scheduled for an exclusive release on June 16 for the Nintendo Switch.

During a Nintendo Direct presentation last night, the company announced a new character for the game. Minmin is a “noodle-wielding” fighter that can kick down enemy attacks while dodging in the air. Most interestingly, the character’s left arm is able to transform into a dragon for painful attacks.

Nintendo also announced that Arms will launch alongside two new peripherals for the Switch. Firstly, consumers will have the option of purchasing a Neon yellow Joy-Con controller. Secondly, the company will be putting out a Joy-Con battery pack adapter, called AA Battery Pack, to help players spend more time on their games without having to recharge their controllers.

Arms was announced earlier this year as a mixture of boxing and shooting elements. As is evident by the name alone, players use extendable arms to battle opponents through motion controls. By wielding the Joy-Con controllers in both hands, players can push forward to punch or twist their arms to bend attacks. There are also several other motion-related moves that players will be able to pull off in the game. For example, players can tilt the controllers to have their characters dash in the same direction. They can also jump to dodge attacks or surprise opponents.

Upon release, Arms will feature support for both local and online play. Nintendo categorically stated that the game has been designed around competitive local multiplayer, allowing friends to duel each other in split-screen mode. This also benefits the console’s on-the-go slogan.

In other news, Nintendo also confirmed the release date for Splatoon 2. The third-person ink-shooter will feature a new “horde mode” upon release and launch alongside three new Amiibo variations: Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Squid.

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