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Apple’s Siri-based Echo Competitor to Feature “Mac Pro Style” Design

More details tipping the design language and rumored launch date of Apple’s rumored upcoming Siri-based speaker to compete with Amazon Echo have been revealed today, by journalist Jen Ryall in a series of posts made from her Twitter account.

The details come from the same source as before, Sonny Dickinson, who’s now iterated that the Amazon Echo competitor from Apple is set to feature a design that will resemble the Mac Pro; a product that Apple admitted only recently failed to deliver on its tremendous potential and promise, and who’s design was directly at fault for one of the biggest perks of desktop computing: upgradeability and expansion.

Apple VP of Marketing Phil Schiller virtually admitted last month that Apple dug the Mac Pro’s grave itself when adopting the circular design, as it doesn’t allow for upgrades. But, it looks like the company is not giving up on the design, just its application. If Dickinson’s reports are to be believed, Apple is looking at a concave top featuring the controls with a fat speaker mesh to cover the controls. UE Boom bluetooth speaker, already sold at Apple retail locations, is another device that could be observed at for an inspiration and a hint about how Apple’s speaker could look like.

Moreover, this Siri-powered central hub could be launched as early as the 28th annual Worldwide Developers Conference to be held at San Jose, California, fron June 5 ot June 9. Again, all this info comes from Dickinson in a recent bout of tweets, but there has hardly been any other word on this front from other sources. Until only recently, unnamed Apple execs apparently told Time’s Tim Bajarin that Apple was not planning to launch its own Siri speaker as it simply didn’t envision Siri as a central presence.

But since other major players like Google and Amazon have already launched their voice-powered hubs Google Home and Echo, powered by Google Assistant and Alexa, and Microsoft also looking to join the party later this year with its Windows 10 PC-based solution powered by Cortana, it wouldn’t be too bad an idea for Apple to jump on the bandwagon too.

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