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Apple Watch Finally Getting Official Spotify App

Andrew Chong, developer of the popular Spotify third-party client “Snowy”, has announced today that he’ll be part of the effort to bring Spotify officially to Apple Watch in partnership with the Swedish music streaming service.

Chang worked on the “Spotty” third-party client for Apple Watch which was later subject to copyright claims by Spotify, due to the similarities in the names. To resolve that issue, Spotty’s name was changed to Snowy. and later it was shot down again for similarities in the user interface. Those legal issues had not yet been resolved, and Snowy never actually made it to Apple Watch.

However, it looks like the time has finally come for Spotify to release its first official app on Apple Watch, and it’s tapping up the Snowy developer to help create it. Chang wrote on Reddit, announcing the Spotify client, that the Spotify iOS SDK helped him create the Spotty/Snowy client for Watch, and he’s excited to take the next steps to massively improve upon his work with the expertise and skills at Spotify’s disposal.

Therefore, it looks like there’s a silver lining here for Chang, who created a third-party client but was repeatedly bogged down by legal claims. Spotify, on the other hand, seems to have appreciated Chang’s work on Snowy and brought him on-board to shape Spotify’s official Apple Watch. As for the official client, there is no release date to announce as of yet, but some of the features could be borrowed from Snowy including flick-based controls, Siri integration, and offline caching similar to Apple Music.

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