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Apple Reportedly Coaxing LG Displays into OLED Production for 2018 iPhone

According to reports circulating recently, Apple is ready to pull out all stops to reduce its reliance on Samsung Electronics as its principle supplier of OLED panels for iPhone, and it is tapping-up LG Display to do the same.

It has been an open secret for quite some time now that alongside the iPhone 7s and 7S Plus, a “premium” flagship 5.8-inch variant with an OLED display, for the first time in an iPhone, would be launched. Rumors have dubbed the premium variant of this year’s flagship “iPhone 8”, and Apple is reportedly pursuing a number of ground-breaking innovative features this year with the OLED display, like an embedded fingerprint scanner, camera, and sensors in the display that could also be slightly curved.

All the complexity – and the pursuit of excellence in its first OLED iPhone application – Apple has suffered with supply chain delays and a slow production process, seeing as Samsung is its one and only source of Organic Light Emitting Diode display panels. However, it looks like Apple has decided, after experiencing the hiccups in production so far, that in order to receive its ordered displays on time for iPhone production and launch in the future, it would need to introduce another company into the equation. That is where LG Display comes into the equation: if you believe the report from Business Korea, then LG Display is that company.

LG Display already provides OLED panels for Apple Watch, but the company has been hesitant in accepting Apple’s offer to mass-produce OLED displays for iPhone due to a lack of experience in producing small or medium-sized panels. In any case, Business Korea reports that they have until June of this year to make a decision, as they are still mulling the offer from the Cupertino tech giants.

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