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Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Plus Beats Samsung Galaxy S8+ in Battery Timing

Latest battery tests conducted by PhoneArena have made for interesting reading: Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 Plus is a safe bet in battery timing in all flagship Android smartphones in the market currently. But it loses out to its biggest competitor overall, iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung launched the latest flagship in its Galaxy S Series on March 31 and it’s been applauded on many fronts, like display and top-of-the-line processors. What it lacks is an upgrade in the rear-facing camera; it doesn’t feature the sort of dual-lens setup the LG G6 features, or the one that iPhone 7 Plus boasts. Now, it’s been revealed after tests by PhoneArena, that rear camera is not the only department in which Galaxy S8 Plus lacks behind iPhone 7 Plus.

According to the test, Galaxy S8 Plus is good for a whole 8 hours of power, rated at excellent. It beats flagship smartphones from fellow Android scrappers, including Huawei P10, Google Pixel XL, and hugely-impressive OnePlus 3T. What it fails to do, even after all this time of putting it before other objectives, is beat Apple’s offering of the same type. iPhone 7 Plus still manages to outlast Galaxy S8 Plus, and not just by a few mins that could be attributed to other factors; where Galaxy S8 Plus runs for 8 hours, iPhone 7 Plus lasts for more than 9 hours and 5 mins.

That is a gain of more than an hour at least for last year’s flagship as compared to Samsung’s answer to this year’s flagship iPhone that is yet to be launched. Almost certainly, that gap is only going to widen. But what’s missing from the list is Samsung’s potential answer: Galaxy Note7. We all know how Note7 was found to be exploding involuntarily and it was later recalled in damages worth more than $5 billion.

Note8, to be launched later this year, could be another shot at not just redemption for Samsung, but to get back at Apple and hit a blow that would actually mean something.

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