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AMD’s New Radeon RX-500 Series to Land on April 18

Several reports indicated that AMD will launch its Radeon RX-500 lineup sometime in April, and now we have strong confirmation on the exact. According to Power Color, RX-500 series will be hitting the market on April 18.

The tweet from Power Color Philippines mentions the new Red Devil is pending an announcement for April 18 (via Videocardz). We can assume that is when AMD will launch the new series. Thus far, AMD is keeping a tight lid on it and it’s possible we will not see any grand unveiling given that RX-500 is nothing but a refresh of the existing RX-400 series.

The new series will include Radeon RX-580, RX-570, RX-560 and RX-550, and they will replace their RX-400 series counterparts, featuring higher clockspeeds and perhaps the same MSRP.

Additionally, XFX and Asus have joined Gigabyte in a new leak that showcases the respective RX-500 graphics card from both AIB partners. It’s evident that the new Radeon lineup is ready and impending an official announcement from AMD, who is currently keeping all the hype around Vega. The RX-500 series will feature GPUs from Polaris lineup, in the lower to mid-range spot, and the new high-end ones based on Vega will occupy the high-end spots.

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