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AMD Radeon RX-580 BIOS Upgrades RX-480 to Higher Clockspeeds

The new Radeon RX-500 series has just hit shelves this week, and as users begin to receive their new graphics card, we’re hearing more impressions about the new series. One user one Techpowerup forums decided to play around with his XFX RX-480 with a BIOS for Sapphire RX-580 Limited Edition. The result? The XFX version that originally ran at a stock clockspeed of 1288MHz now sits at 1411MHz.

The user tested the GPU through The Witcher 3 and Furmark and found no hiccups. The reason why this was even possible in the first place is because RX-580 is basically a rebrand of last year’s RX-480. Both graphics cards are based on the Polaris 10 chip, with the only difference being higher clockspeeds in the new series thanks to 14nm process maturity. So after flashing the BIOS relating to RX-580, the user was simply able to unlock more out of its RX-480. This is similar to the case where early adopters of RX-480 4GB versions were able to unlock the extra 4GB sitting on the PCB through BIOS, because AMD had mass produced 8GB versions but sold them as 4GB versions after a BIOS lock.

It raises a point that perhaps RX-400 series is capable of being pushed higher and the restrictions are simply artificial due to voltage restrictions. Though we do not suggest you go out and flash your RX-480 with an RX-580 BIOS. The least cautionary measure you can do is ensure your GPU has dual-BIOS, so you don’t end up bricking your graphics card in case the process goes unexpected.

Source: Techpowerup

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