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AMD Launches Radeon RX-500 Series; Polaris Evolved for 2017

AMD today has taken the curtains off its new Radeon GPU lineup. The RX-500 series is officially out after months of rumors and leaks. AMD is bringing the same price-to-performance value of the RX-400 series back to the new series.

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In essence, RX-500 is a refresh of the existing RX-400 series, which is something not so uncommon in AMD’s strategy. The new series is to RX-400 what the R9-300 series was to R9-200 series. But AMD has taken what it has learned with its time with Polaris in the market and improved upon the existing core and design. For starters, the new generation 14nm FinFET process will improve power efficiency and clockspeeds have been upped from existing counterparts.

The product stack includes Radeon RX-580, RX-570, RX-560 and the new RX-550. Pricing and VRAM configuration is similar to what AMD announced last year, so expect to pay the same for a new generation of graphics cards with better performance.

  • Radeon RX-580 8GB/4GB  |  $229/$119
  • Radeon RX-570 4GB  |  $169

RX-580 is based on the same Polaris 10 core. AMD is continuing its pitch for RX-580 as a premium VR and 1440p gaming GPU, the RX-570 based on a cut-down configuration of Polaris 10 will serve as a more affordable GPU aimed at best in class 1080p gaming. The Polaris 11 based RX-560 will occupy the lower-end tier for more budgeted builds, and finally, the new Polaris 12 based RX-550 isn’t going to break any barriers as it’s targeted towards lightweight gaming and eSports.

The two GPUs launching today, the RX-580 and RX-570, are now available for purchase with AIB partners following up with their custom designs. Today marks the beginning of what will be the latest Radeon lineup that will also include the highly-anticipated Vega GPUs, due to be released sometime in May, according to rumors.

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