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Samsung Is Churning Out 70 Million, Bendable OLED Panels For Apple’s iPhone 8

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), is ordering 70 million bendable OLED displays from Samsung, giving support to the rumour that the next iPhone will have a curved, almost bezel-less, OLED display. An article from Nikkei Asian review says that the iPhone 8, or the iPhone X, or the tenth anniversary iPhone, will have a 5.2-inch screen. Following in the footsteps of the Galaxy S8, the phone will probably, also have a near to completely bezel-less design.

Apple is said to be releasing three phones this year, the iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and the iPhone 8. Keep in mind, though, that last year, rumours of the third iPhone called the iPhone 7 Pro also surfaced but were proven to be baseless. However, since 2017 is the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone, Apple is most likely to release a product celebrating this landmark.

The iPhone 8 will be one of three flagships introduced by Apple in 2017 and will have a bezel-less, OLED display

The 70 million OLED panels are to cater to increased demand for the iPhone. Q1 2017 saw a resurgence in iPhone sales that had been steadily declining for the last two years. 78.3 million iPhones were sold in the first quarter of 2017 and the sales are projected to be even bigger for the tenth anniversary iPhone. Samsung is reportedly manufacturing up to 95 million OLED panels for Apple in case the demand exceeds expectations.

The OLED panels will give the iPhone 8 a near edge-to-edge display, allowing Apple to ditch the iconic home button altogether. The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus though, will retain it.

Other rumoured features of the iPhone 8 are, a 3D sensor for facial recognition, and wireless charging emulating two key features of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The phone will be waterproof (probably IP68) and feature iOS 11. The iPhone 8 will also include marginal improvements to the iPhone camera, the software, and to the CPU and GPU. Apple has reportedly parted ways with the GPU manufacturer, Imagination Technologies, in favour of independent manufacturing. And a more tightly controlled system will mean better performance for the latest iPhone. All this will send the price of the iPhone 8 up to $1000 according to 9t05mac.

Multiple sources have reported that Apple is having trouble, manufacturing their latest phones. All three phones are supposed to feature wireless charging and they’re apparently overheating. Based on this fact, the same sources have predicted that the phone will be delayed beyond September, the usual time the new iPhone comes out.



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