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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Latest Patch Addresses FPS Issues

A latest Zelda: Breath of the Wild patch has now been released by Nintendo, version 1.1.1, in the hope that it will address the frame-rate issues encountered by players, especially when playing in docked mode.

Its been a well-known ever since its release that if a player demanded a smoother, superior experience, he’d be well-served to play Breath of the Wild in portable mode on Switch, instead of the docked mode. Noticeable drop in frame-rates, sometimes all the way to 20, were reported by the community on various online platforms, and players had been clamoring for a fix for some time now.

It seems Nintendo has moved to do just that with the latest patch, but the patch notes have not exactly revealed what Nintendo hopes to achieve on BOTW with the patch. “Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience,” is all that Nintendo has spoken about the patch, released on March 31.

From the math already done by other sources, it is explained that the move from portable to docked mode brings about a 56 percent change in resolution for the game on Switch. That amount of increase is sure to put a lot more strain on the hardware, and it is believed that the effect was seeping into the software of it as well, damaging the game’s performance.

After the release of the patch, some users have already reported that an increase in performance and decrease in frame-rate drops is apparent, but the application of it would certainly be more vivid in the wider picture in a few days than after just a day of release. One particular location that frame-rate dips were visible more than other locations on Breath of the Wild’s map is the Korok Forest. But early reports suggest that version 1.1.1 has indeed papered over whatever cracks had been appearing on that front.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the signature launch title for Nintendo’s another crack at the console summit with Switch, and it’s reception has been overwhelming. Fixing the minor issues that could accumulate and cause a real headache is a welcome move from Nintendo.

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