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Uber President Jeff Jones Resigns Less than a Year After Joining

Jeff Jones, President of Uber, has today quit the company just six months after joining, as he felt that he was “incompatible” with the ride-sharing business and could no longer continue to work with them.

Jones released a statement after resigning from Uber, stating that he joined Uber because of its mission and to help grow its capabilities around the globe so that they can enrich the company and assist in thriving in the long-term. However, Jones felt that his principles, and those practiced at the company, were at odds with each other.

He also stated that “It is now clear, however, that the beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber”. Those differences and inconsistencies have lead Jeff Jones to believe that he could no longer contribute like he would want to, and hence a parting of the ways is the best solution going forward.

A statement from Uber also followed, wishing Jeff Jones the best for the future and thanking him for his services to the company. It is believed that Uber’s search for a Chief Operating Officer to work alongside CEO Travis Kalanick was considered by Jones as putting his authority and role into question, and it proved to be a final straw for the President who was already looking at a wretched tenure with hardly anything to show apart from sexual harassment suites and the #DeleteUber fiasco.

Jones is not the only executive to resign from Uber either, as VP of Maps and Business platform Brian McClendon also quit the ride-share company in order to pursue politics. He stated that the current political climate convinced him to contribute more actively, and that he’d be staying on as advisor at Uber.

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