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Twitter Reportedly Considering Paid TweetDeck Service

After several reports surfaced recently that Twitter might be looking into launching a subscription-based TweetDeck service, an email statement from the company has today confirmed that at least one part of that rumor is true.

Lack of growth and little to no progress in increasing the number of users on Twitter, as well as little revenue from ads, have possibly pushed Twitter towards the alternative of launching a paid service for power users, akin to Microsoft-owned LinkedIn. The method is not exclusive to LinkedIn either, as several services provide a free, standard option for all users, and a premium, subscription-based option for those who want it.

In case you’re wondering what TweetDeck actually is, it allows the user to manage multiple accounts, oversee timelines, and schedule tweets for posting later. In simpler terms, it is the perfect option for businesses and users with a significant online presence, as it allows them to execute tasks and keep up-to-date with their information in real-time without missing a beat.

Twitter’s email statement doesn’t say if the micro-blogging service is indeed working on a paid version of TweetDeck, just that it is gauging interest in an enhanced version. It is not even clear yet whether an enhanced TweetDeck is all that a paid service would include, as details are still scarce. Twitter has revealed that its monthly active users have risen by 4 percent year-on-year to reach 319 million, and revenues have increased just 1 percent to be $717 million.

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