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Sony PlayStation 3 Production to be Halted in Japan

After enjoying more than a decade of sales in the country, Sony is set to end the production for its November 2006 console PlayStation 3 in Japan. A notice on the PlayStation official Japan website reads that “shipments are scheduled to end soon” for PlayStation 3, which should be an early signal that Sony is about to commence the global halt in production for PlayStation 4’s predecessor.

After launching in Japan in November, 2006, and in March, 2007, in Europe and other regions, PS3 became the successor to the immensely-popular PlayStation 2 that become the highest-selling console of all time with more than 150 million units shipped. However, PS3 found it difficult to mirror its predecessor’s success with players, and has only been able to clock up around 84 million units in sales in over a decade.

Initially, PS3 encountered more than a few issues. High retail price, difficulty in development, and a design that resembled a sandwich maker more than it did a premium gaming console from the company that made PlayStation 2 are some of the biggest negatives. It didn’t help PS3 either that it’s chief rival, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, was a superior machine in terms of design, gaming ergonomics, and much better performance. The sales numbers also reflected those facts, as players flocked to Microsoft’s offering, after which Sony finally responded with the Super Slim PlayStation 3 model in 2012.

It was then that PS3 saw a minor resurgence and which finally led to one of its biggest exclusive titles: The Last of Us, joining other major titles like Gran Turismo 5 and God of War 3. All in all, PlayStation 3 has enjoyed a moderately-good time of it, and its end could now be closer than ever, starting from Japan.

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