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Samsung Refuses to Rule Out Sale of Refurbished Galaxy Note7

Samsung might sell Galaxy Note7 once again; In an official statement discussing the fate of the doomed flagship phablet of 2016, Samsung has refused to rule out the possibility of selling Note7 again in certain markets.

Galaxy Note7 became a sign of embarrassment when it was found that the phablet was prone to exploding involuntarily, especially during charging. The blamed was shifted on faulty batteries, but citing a fault in manufacturing among other issues, Samsung finally had to recall Note7 and, as a result, write-off more than $2.5 billion.

Since then, investigation reports and analysis have poured in from all sides, and it seemed like Samsung was ready to put the farce behind them and focus on this year’s flagship Galaxy S8 and Note8. But it now seems that the South Korean tech giant is still exploring possibilities of selling refurbished or rental Note7 handsets, depending on approval from regulatory authorities and consultations with carriers in the target markets.

Usable items from the handsets deemed unworthy of re-selling or rentals, like semiconductors, camera modules, and precious metals like gold, copper, and silver will be extracted, and the remains will be trashed in an environmentally-responsible way, according to the statement.

Undoubtedly, Samsung’s focus this year is on its upcoming Galaxy S8, which is the first flagship handset launched since Note7 last September, and for which Samsung skipped the usual Mobile World Congress slot for official launch in favor of a separate event for later this month. It is widely being regarded as Samsung’s biggest shot at redemption, and it could really set the trajectory for the company as it needs to make a big impression with S8.

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