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Samsung GearVR with Controller to Ship in April for $129

According to a rep from Oculus parent company Facebook, Samsung’s GearVR with an all-new controller will start shipping next month from April 21 and it’s priced at $129. Official announcement for the GearVR and Controller setup was made at Mobile World Congress 2017 last month, but there were no other details provided at the time.

The controller comes with two buttons, for back and home, and a volume up and down control. Price and availability certainly wasn’t revealed at the official launch, but Samsung has made details available on that end today, alongside the launch of its latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8. As was mentioned at the time of the launch, the new controller provides “quicker selection and interaction” while allowing the user to “select, grab, take aim, and fire” using the touch-pad on it.

In its simplest form, it is a one-hand controller with a strap attached to the GearVR headset for when you’re not using it. The controller, like the GearVR headset, is made in collaboration by Samsung and Oculus, and you could get your hands on it separately for $39, if you like. Better news for users is that more than 70 titles to be used with the controller in currently in development by Samsung, but the simplicity of the controller makes it compatible with older titles as well. Therefore, if you choose to buy one for yourself, you could take it for a spin immediately, without having to wait for new releases to properly put it through its paces.

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