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Nintendo Switch: How To Create Profiles for Japanese eShop

It’s a known fact that the Japanese eShop features more content compared to its North American and European counterparts. With Nintendo Switch being region-free, any content obtained from either of the three stores should work on the company’s new console.

By default, Nintendo Switch owners in the west would create their accounts to reflect the region they reside in. However, that’s not necessary if you’re interested in the offerings of the Japanese eShop. Here is how you create yourself a Japanese eShop account for the switch.

  • Head to accounts.nintendo.com and create a new account
  • Remember to set your country/region to Japan
  • Create a new profile on your Switch, and link it to the Japanese account that you just created
  • Check your email for a four-digit verification code
  • Input the code on your Switch when asked
  • Log into the Japanese eShop with your new Japanese profile and password
  • That’s it!

It’s important to note that the eShop will entirely be in Japanese. However, its layout is exactly the same as the North American and European eShops. If you find it difficult to navigate the Japanese store, simply check the western version to trace your steps.

As for purchasing content, everything on the Japanese eShop is obviously priced in Yen. Certain credit cards will work fine. In the case that yours doesn’t, you can purchase Japanese eShop cards from certain retailers.

Lastly, any game bought with your Japanese account can be played with any account on the console, with the exception of DLC which will be tied to the Japanese account.

Nintendo Switch is now available for the price of $300. That being said, most retailers are running dry. You can either wait for them to resupply or pay bizarre sums of money to get hold of units being sold in black on auction websites like eBay.

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