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Nintendo Switch: How To Fix Orange Screen of Death

It’s understandable that every new piece of technology has to face issues and obstacles upon hitting the consumer market. The Nintendo Switch, however, appears to be facing a bit too many at that.

Much like the infamous Red Ring of Death (RRoD) on Xbox 360 and Yellow Light of Death (YLoD) on PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch too features a similar deathly variation.

The community has dubbed it the Yellow Screen of Death (YSoD) because of obvious reasons. Shortly after the official launch of the console last week, some owners managed to brick their units which resulted in a permanent orange screen on the hand-held.

Thankfully, a solution was quickly discovered soon after. Unlike the aforementioned problems on the last-generation consoles, the YSoD of Nintendo Switch is very easy to solve.

All you have to do is keep holding the power button for a minute or so. Doing so will eventually force the system to completely shut down. Once done, boot up your Nintendo Switch and it should be functioning normally again.

It should be noted that the remedy has been officially acknowledged by Nintendo. If you were to contact the company’s official support line, the technical staff will provide the same solution.

Unfortunately, there is no word on what steps to avoid in order to not brick the system. According to one user, the hand-held was left in the dtock over night which caused the screen to go orange.

It’s possible that the user faced a rare bug or glitch in the system. If the problem begins to be reported by many, Nintendo will probably be forced to release a hot-fox to curb the issue. As such, it appears to be rare incidences.

Regardless, you now know what to do if your Nintendo Switch freezes up with an orange tint.

Nintendo Switch is now available for the price of $300.

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