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Nintendo Switch Demand to be Matched by Increased Production

Nintendo Switch has quickly become the gaming console this year that everyone is talking about; Nintendo can hardly keep up with the massive demand and it’s been sold-out for a number of times since its release. Such has been the demand for Switch that Nintendo is now prepared to scrap its previous estimates, and ramp-up production to take advantage of its early momentum.

According to a report by Wall Street Journal, Nintendo planned to make 8 million units of Switch in fiscal year 2017. That projected sales figure has been well and truly smashed by the initial reception, and now Nintendo is prepared to increase its production by as much as double the previous number of units. The 8 million unit figure for the fiscal year was previously paraded with the projection that Nintendo would be able to sell around 10 million Switches during the 12-month period post-release. However, the increase in demand has caught the Japanese console company by surprise, and a revised production figure has now been apparently agreed upon, keeping the new-found interest in mind.

For now, Nintendo Switch is sold-out, and sales in Nintendo’s native Japan have already started to decline and suffer due to a severe lack of supply. The strategy to throttle the initial supply is, of course, one of the oldest tricks in the book to increase the demand and maintain momentum in the medium-run, but that alone is not the reason why Nintendo is ready to double its production.

Switch has tore up the estimates and projections so far, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is seen to be the biggest catalyst for it to do so. BOTW maintains an average score of over 9/10 currently, and Switch has enjoyed an impressive early run of sales as a result. But Nintendo’s increase in production is also good news for users for the reason that more developers and content creators would be looking at the platform with an increased interest, and that means more third-party content.

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