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Nintendo Says Super Mario Run Revenue Didn’t Meet Expectations

According to an interview by Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, Super Mario Run revenues have failed to live up to the expectations that the company had of Mario’s first excursion on mobile.

Speaking to Nikkei, Kimishima said that even though the record-breaking downloads, early rave reviews, and profits were deemed as successes, the revenues have not made for the incredible reading that they hoped it would. Super Mario Run was launched at the iPhone 7 September event as an iOS exclusive, and it soon found its way to a huge number of iOS devices.

For the first Mario title on mobile, the game drew great attention from the masses, and downloads soon reached great heights. However, even if the game was listed as Free on the App Store, it was ever only a free demo and users needed to pay up the $9.99 to get access to the game’s full content. Unfortunately for Nintendo, only 5 percent of the players opted to fork out the required fee, and that number has not gone down well with the bosses at the Japanese video game and console company.

But that has not turned the company off from the one-time fee monetization model, and they’re not ready to go down the Fire Emblem: Heroes route just yet. Another senior Nintendo source was quoted in the report to be stating that Heroes is just an outlier, and “we honestly prefer the Super Mario Run model”.

Hence, it seems Nintendo is prepared to put in the hard-work it requires and really make this work, instead of opting in to the “freemium” mode that Fire Emblem: Heroes represents. Now, after the latest update on iOS and the official release on Android, it remains to be seen how exactly Nintendo hopes to get around this.

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