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Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Run Release Date for Android

After the launch of Super Mario Run on iOS back in September, users on Android are also set to get their hands on Mario on mobile after Nintendo announced the official release date for Super Mario Run on Android.

Nintendo announced the launch of its first-ever Mario game for mobile, Super Mario Run, at the iPhone 7 launch event last September. At the time of launch, Mario Run was deemed an exclusive to iOS for the time being, with Nintendo later announcing that the Android launch would be coming sometime in the future.

Now, it looks like that “sometime” in the future is finally upon us, with an official launch date of March 3 confirmed on Twitter through the Nintendo of America account. Finally, after waiting for months and eyeing iOS users enviously as they tapped their fingers to put little Mario through his paces on their screens, Android users would also now be able to try their hand at Mario first step into mobile gaming.

Super Mario Run was initially received warmly enough, with records for fastest game downloads falling one after the other. However, once the users became aware of the fact that they’d need to fork over at least the $9.99 one-time fee to play the full version, the bandwagon soon came to a crashing halt. While it was announced at launch that Super Mario Run would cost $9.99, the “free” listing on App Store is supposed to have influenced users into downloading the game en-masse, but it did nothing to convince them that it did merit the full version fee.

Like other Mario titles, Super Mario Run also featured some of the franchise’s strong points, including a physical precision and accuracy that is the hallmark of Mario titles over the years that is evident in the movement of the little plumber on his adventures. Therefore, Android users will find that the wait was worth it when they finally download Mario Run this Thursday.

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