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Netflix to Replace Five-Star Rating With Thumbs-Up

In a move that is set to ensure more movie and TV show ratings and much more data to go on, Netflix has announced that it will be replacing its five-star rating with options to either thumbs-up or down a particular title.

Todd Yellin, Netflix VP of Product, said that the online streaming and domestic DVD company had rigorously tested the replacement of star ratings with thumbs up or down last year, and that the results were more than encouraging. He went on to say that “thumbs got more than 200 percent more ratings than the traditional star-rating feature” which is a tremendous stat on its own.

Yellin revealed that “hundreds of thousands” of users were tested for response with the new method of ratings, and the results state that an average user who gave ratings to five shows, could rate up to fifteen shows that he watches in the same period of time. Moreover, Netflix is also working on a personalised percent-match feature that’s similar to Rotten Tomatoes, allowing for a closer match that varies user-to-user for easier and more accurate suggestions.

Giving a simple option for thumbs-up or thumbs-down obviously simplifies matters. Where a user might have to think about a rating and whether a four-star rating does justice or if a five-star rating would be a little over the top, a simple thumbs-up would convey that he or she “likes” the title. Coupled with the new percent-match recommendation feature, and life is set to become a lot easier for everyone.

Netflix has tested the changes with users all throughout 2016, but the wider roll-out is not underway yet. It could take up to a month or so for users around the world to be able to start giving thumb ratings, instead of the vintage five-star ratings.

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