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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows 10 Creators Update To Roll Out April 11th

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced that it will be rolling out the next Windows 10 update, dubbed the Creators Update on April 11th. Unlike most recent Windows 10 updates, instead of concentrating on bug fixes and security updates, the Creators Update will add a slew of new features, improvements and application-level updates.

The Creators update is the second major update for the Windows 10 ecosystem by Microsoft since its release in July 2015. It is expected that Microsoft will engage once again in a staged rollout of the update similar to its earlier update iterations and the Windows 10 upgrade itself.

Some of the key features that are being added center around an upgrade to the Edge browser which will receive a tab preview bar that essentially allows for better tab management for users and cuts down on tab clutter by allowing users to access tabs they set aside for later. These can also be considered in many ways a temporary bookmark.

A highly-anticipated upgrade to the OS is a much touted and hyped Game Mode which will focus in increasing end-user performance by maximizing resources available to games that are actively running on the computer while relegating tasks and applications not in use to a far lower priority level in terms of resource allocation allowing the end-user to have a better and smoother experience.

Microsoft is also pushing its Beam broadcasting service which doubles as a streaming platform as a built-in feature to Windows 10. It is expected to compete versus Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) YouTube’s livestreaming and Esports streaming giant Twitch (owned by Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) as well as Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)’s Live feature to a certain degree.

Some other features include native support for a variety of Mixed Reality headsets such as the Acer Mixed Reality Development Edition VR headset which is developers-only at the moment. This precedes what Microsoft feels will be a holiday season push for multiple mixed reality headsets for public consumption. A new Paint3D app is also bundled as part of Microsoft’s offerings and will allow the classic Microsoft Paint to edit and create 3D visuals and models.

There is a lot more under the surface when it comes to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators upgrade, but we have summed up some of the key updates that you can expect when Microsoft releases the update. As always, not all devices will receive the update day one. You can jump ahead of the queue if you want by forcing an install, but if the target computer is your primary use PC, you might wish to wait until Microsoft decides that it is ready to offer an install for your particular hardware set.

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