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iOS App Store Revenue to be Overtaken by Android App Markets

A report by App Annie has today predicted that starting this year, the revenues posted by Apple’s App Store could be bettered by the revenues posted not by one Android app market, but all of them combined!

For 2016, App Store revenues were $34 billion, while Android app revenues were $27 billion, $17 billion of which were contributed by Play Store. But the report predicts that this year, $40 billion in App Store revenues will be overtaken by $41 billion in Android app revenues, and by 2021, App Store’s $60 billion will be eclipsed by Android’s $76 billion in revenue.

Last year, App Annie posted figures for 2015, illustrating how despite their best efforts, the iOS App Store remained in the lead and looked to be staying there for the foreseeable future. App Store’s lead in revenue over the primary Android app market, Google Play Store, seemed to be only increasing with every passing year: in 2016, App Store earned 75 percent more than Google Play Store, as compared to the 70 percent posted the year before in 2015, despite Play Store having more than double the number of downloads made through App Store till last July

But it seems starting in 2017, even though App Store promises to remain the biggest mobile app market for as long as anyone can predict, revenues brought in by Android app stores could dethrone App Store in that department. That is not to say, however, that even when combined, they can post more profits than App Store; Apple still leads the pack, and will continue to do so, when it comes to making money from its products, which in the case of App Store, also includes the developers.

Still, first-party app revenues are not included by App Annie in the report for App Store, and it excludes the earnings generated by Keynote, Garage Band, and Apple Music, that could make a difference in the standings for this year. But moving forward, the report still indicates that Android app markets should together overtake App Store sooner or later in revenues.


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