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iOS 11 Could Bring Advanced Siri Integration into iMessage

Apple is set to launch the next major update to its mobile OS, iOS 11, this summer at the Worldwide Developers Conference, and rumors have started to flow in with full force regarding its capabilities.

According to a report from Isreali site The Verifier, iOS 11 could bring advanced Siri integration especially for native services like iMessage, in a bid to improve its standing with users and avoid losing ground to competitors in the virtual assistant market. iMessage was the subject of a major overhaul, alongside Apple Music, when Apple launched iOS 10 at Worldwide Developers Conference last year in June. Similarly, another major update is tipped to be unveiled this June as well, and it looks like it could focus on what could be done to make Siri better and bring her up to speed.

Siri was the first of its kind mobile assistant at the time of its launch with iPhone 4S in 2010, but it has since lost most of its charm, especially after the positive reception that Google Assistant has received when it was launched as part of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL last fall. The Verifier’s report hints at advanced Siri integration that would allow her to track the user’s habits and actions in the app and suggest suitable actions.

Siri integration into iCloud has also been mentioned in the report, stating that it could “identify connections” and again, suggest actions for the user for quick access. Apple also recently brought Siri over to Mac for the first time, and if it is indeed true, then both iCloud and iMessage would really make things a lot neater.

In its previous report, The Verifier also claimed that group video chats were also coming to FaceTime as part of iOS 11 when it launches this summer, so we now have two things that we could judge them by.

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