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Instagram to Blur Out Sensitive Content

In a move that is sure to sit well with some and make others uncomfortable, Instagram is set to mark some content on its platform as “sensitive” and blur out the photos and videos.

As part of the process, Instagram will be relying on users to communicate what content they feel is “sensitive” by flagging a photo or video, after which the moderation team will make the decision on whether to blur it and slap warning on it or not.

The criteria for sensitive content, as reported by The Verge, is mostly focused on violence. The company sent emails in which they clarified that ““Examples include animal rights groups that share content to expose animal testing conditions or animal abuse, or content that raises awareness of humanitarian crises around the world (famine, impact of war on local communities)”

As for the warning on the blurred photo or video, Instagram will make it clear that this photo or video could be offensive or disturbing to some users, and a button will be given if the user wants to view the content after all. A user’s ability to post whatever content he wishes to is not affected by the “sensitive content” warning at all; it’s just a method to make it clear to users that they could choose to not view certain photos or videos if they don’t want to.s

For now, the criteria has been explaining for sensitive content, but it is not a closed subject by any means. Sexually-explicit content, for example, could be added to the list, but all that remains to be seen.

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