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Google Play Store Adds “Free App Of The Week” Section, New Tabs

The Google Play Store has added a few new tabs and sections to make navigation a bit smoother. There is a new Free App of the Week section as well as new tabs in the “My Apps & Games” section. Along with the ”All” and “Installed” tabs, there are now “Library” and “Beta” tabs. You can now arrange Apps by Alphabetical order, last used and size along with last updated. These updates aren’t live globally yet but they’ve been rolled out to select regions; some being active for weeks.

The update to the layout is welcome but unnecessary except for the Free App of the week, which was a sorely needed upgrade. The Play Store really doesn’t benefit from organising User’s apps better since most users use the in built search function in their phones to find apps and since they update regularly and automatically, the redesign doesn’t make much sense. However, that’s not to say that it won’t satisfy the OCD of some users that can’t stand disorganisation.

For those of you on iOS, you’ll know there’s a Free App of the Week section in the App Store but there’s no equivalent on the Google Play Store, until now. The Play Store has now thankfully added a “Free App of the Week section” that will quench many thirsts of cheapskates like me who have never paid for an app in their lives.

I remember when I was on iOS, I downloaded Horn, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP and the first two Infinity Blade games for free because of the “Free App of the Week” section. I’ve yearned for something like this ever since I switched to Android and now, finally, there’s hope. Google apparently had a free weekly app promotion in 2015 but it was killed for some reason. 

The first game to be free is “Card Wars – Adventure Time”. It’s based on the hit Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time and is usually priced at $2.99. The sale of the app at $0.00 ends in three days so go grab a copy even if you don’t end up liking it; who doesn’t like a free app or game?

The section is currently only available in the US but the game is free all over the world.

65 billion apps have been downloaded off the Google Play App Store from 2010 to 2016 compared to the Apple App store which has had 140 billion apps downloaded since July 2008.*

*=taken from Statista.com



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