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Google Chrome 57 to Prolong Battery Life by Restricting Background CPU Usage

Released earlier this week on desktop, as well as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, Google Chrome 57 has brought with itself a few features that are sure to catch the eye. The biggest of its latest set of features is that Chrome 57 allots not more than 1 percent of the CPU to the tabs running in the background, significantly conserving battery life.

Laptop computers coming with more advanced features and specifications is routine nowadays, but battery timing and battery life are two issues that are yet to be addressed satisfactorily from a hardware point of view. Therefore, developers have been working on desktop apps to reduce their power consumption to get the best out of the juice packs that our laptops are equipped with.

Desktop browsers, essential as they are, remained at the forefront of those power conservation issues, and users had been clamoring for efficiency from these apps. The browsers duly obliged, and the most popular options including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari started to post numbers and graphics to prove why their product is the most energy-efficient. Chrome 57 and its latest CPU throttling of background tabs is part of the same sequence; to ensure that the user gets the most of his battery.

However, not all background tabs on Chrome 57 and later will be subject to background throttling, as music playback and tabs with real-time server connections will be exempt from CPU throttling. Furthermore, Google is also pushing the wider adoption of Service Workers, a web technology that boasts offline performance and periodic background sync, to the front of the queue as it will provide an alternative to the native apps power consumption that is obviously much higher than the offline Service Workers experience due to live plugins and JavaScript.

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