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Facebook Stories Poaches Snapchat’s Main Feature Again

Facebook stories are now live. The feature was first being tested in Ireland in January and it proved successful. Now, the feature is live in Chile, Greece, and Vietnam according to TechCrunch. Much like on platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook will now also host an annoying slideshow of people showing off completely normal parts of their lives in an effort to make others jealous.

Facebook stories will appear as a series of circles featuring your friends at the top of the newsfeed above the status box. The series of snaps or photos/videos strung together to make stories will disappear after 24 hours. People can click on their own face in circles to post their own stories as well. However, all of this can be done inside the mobile app only; it isn’t accessible in the desktop version. Which makes sense because people always post stories on the go with their phones; and because it’s a feature that came from Snapchat, which can only be used on smartphones and tablets.

Instagram Stories

With Facebook stories, Facebook has successfully integrated Snapchat’s key feature into every nook and cranny of its ecosystem. Instagram stories, WhatsApp Status, Messenger Day, and now Facebook Stories is promoting the same thing across all four services. The services overlap a lot of users but the latter three have over a billion active users (Facebook has 1.7 billion*) while the first has over 600 million*, all outstripping Snapchat (301 million*) by hundreds of millions of users.

Snapchat has 301 million active users as of December 2016

Facebook Stories As A Marketing Tool

Facebook Stories, more than anything else, can be used as a very effective marketing tool. Product launches and key announcements by companies like Apple and Samsung as well as Amazon can be put on Facebook pages. Summaries of entire events and commercials for products can be put online as stories, though their immediacy and disappearance after 24 hours could be a major issue. Who knows, Facebook may come out with a permanent variant of Stories like the “Memories” feature on Snapchat.

Facebook is increasingly becoming a very effective tool for business. Since most people are on it rather than any other social network, marketing to the masses has never been easier. All you need to do is create a page and put up pictures of products and people will start buying. Facebook has added ways to tag products and services in videos and statuses for specific companies too.

*=taken from statista.com



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