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Destiny 2 Release Date, Poster Leaked

Bungie’s sequel to popular first-person space-based shooter Destiny is known to be coming back for its second iteration this Fall, and now apparently the release date has also been leaked for Destiny 2.

According to a leaked poster, posted initially by Italian site Lega Network and later picked-up by Kotaku and Eurogamer, Destiny 2 is set for release on September 2. Kotaku even moved to add that the launch is set to be made sooner rather than later, after which the release will come on the leaked September 8 date. A beta for Destiny 2 is also tipped to be making its way to PlayStation 4, before what could be its European release date of Friday, September 8.

There have been cases where titles have released in North America on Tuesday, and in Europe on Friday, and as the leaked poster initially comes from an Italian source, there is cause for belief that its September 8 date is for Europe rather than North America, in case Bungie is planning separate release dates for both regions. As for the game itself, Bungie CEO Eric Hirshberg said that Destiny 2 will not improve on the aspects that drew millions to the first title, but it will also lure new players into the fold.

For the launch, he said that “we’ve a big reveal planned” but that he’s going to”let the game do the talking”. What the CEO or the poster doesn’t talk about, however, is if Destiny 2 is making its way to PC. There have been rumors that it will be coming to PC, but there’s nothing substantial about them so far.

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